Salient features of IELTS

  1. IELTS is accepted by over 9000 diverse organizations throughout the globe.
  2. Over two million candidates appeared for the IELTS last year.
  3. The test is held at 500 test centers globally and 40 centers throughout India.

Stages in getting an IELTS Certification

Registration: This can be done through the online mode or through any affiliated organization.The fee for the test is currently INR 11,100 and this amount can be deposited in cash or by means of a draft.

Preparation: IELTS is a comprehensive test of your English language. Audio visual tools are provided by the IELTS to help you prepare thoroughly.

Appearing for the test: IELTS usually lasts for around 2 hours and 44 minutes. Reading, Listening and Writing happen on the same day whereas Speaking always take place a day prior or a day after.

Results: Results of the test are usually declared within 13 days.

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