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PHP 5.6 Vs PHP 7 Performance Benchmarks With Laravel

Laravel is rapidly becoming a popular choice for PHP projects. The framework has established its reputation after the release of version 5.x. In the same vein, PHP recently received a major update in the form of PHP 7.1.x. It is an established fact that Laravel has a solid codebase and provides optimized performance for all lightweight and enterprise level applications. However no statistics about Laravel 5 benchmarks and its performance with PHP 5.6 and PHP 7 are widely available.



PHP is a script language and it is used primarily on Linux Web Servers. Generally PHP originally derived from PERSONAL HOME PAGE. It is especially suited for the creation of dynamic web pages. Web developers have a large selection of instruments if the developer use this language, because it is the basis for many web applications such as connection to MySQL, PgSQL Databases and allows easy insertion in HTML code.One of the best advantage of the PHP language is its ability to easily interact with databases.Basically the common uses of PHP include such as eCommerce, content management, blogs, forums and bulletin boards. PHP is often used to interact with databases to make websites more dynamic. FIXED HEADER BAR- In recent years the trend of fixed heading styles in web design has grown exponentially.By attaching the header bar to the top, our websites will provide access to services needed to be accessed in a very less time, as there will be no need to scroll up again to access a service. It also helps brand promotion as sticking our brand name onto the header, will attract user attention. RESPONSIVE WEB DESIGN- In today’s world technology the customer is mostly relying for accessing the web services like facebook, e-mails,twitter and even if customers want something on mobile and tablets , they easily get things from these web services, such web services will provide access to their services logically and it will appear uniformly on all such devices. FLASH- It is not a newcomer but it will continue to make up the 3D interaction on websites look eye catching, either it be facebook modules, banner-ads or games.Generally we have FLASH although having a backdrop of leading the particular website loading slower , but it will still survive in market of website development. ONLINE PRESENTATION- Always try that your website look more professional and engaging,particularly website should be designed with large image background and different typography. And always use informative graphics that will provide the facts that needed in no time, it saves the extra surfing time.Generally online websites is focusing on the presentation work that has led them to captivate the user as soon as the user enters the site. EFFECTS- Always placed banners and images in such a way and put a function on it when the image is scrolled down ,it slowly give a 3D experience.We always see special effects were confined to movies and games, but with the latest technology users will soon experience such kind of effects on their web sites.This such experience will be provided by PARALLAX scrolling.