Basic Course Topics

  1. Introduction to Android
  2. System architecture of Android
  3. Android Development Tools
  4. Defining Android User Interfaces
  5. Development of different screen sizes
  6. Intents and Activity Communication
  7. Custom Views in the ActionBar
  8. Using Themes for styling Activities
  9. ListViews and ListActivity
  10. Network Communication
  11. Asynchronous Processing in Android
  12. SQLite and ContentProvider
  13. Android System Services, AlertManager, VibratorManager, etc
  14. Mini Project
  15. Notification Manager
  16. Canvas API for custom Views
  17. Location services and Google Maps
  18. Remote Views and Pending Intents
  19. Accelerometer RemoteViews and Pending Intents
  20. Audio and Video
  21. Professional Testing
  22. Targeting Tablets and Smartphones

Course Duration

Regular Class's

45 Days

Weekend's Class's

30 Days

Course Fee

Android Complete Course

Rs 12,000/-